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When the women of Kisoro Hill were told there was a sewing school for them. This is what it looked like. It was a storage building with seed potatoes and old junk inside. A village woman was brought into the building to clean it. She was paid $1.00 which was a day's wage. She was grateful.

Then we began to renovate the building. A new cement floor went in and the kitchen was repaired from a broken down fireplace to a cooking area... such magic can be done when we decide to help!

THE COOKING AREA WENT FROM THIS ^ TO THIS ....... one more woman was hired to cook for the entire school - LUNCH IS SERVED!

This week we laid cement flooring in a second room to accommodate a second class (Dressmaking) We purchased more sewing machines so each class will have 4. We will begin to teach 8 new ladies how to sew on September 15th. (Just one month after the school opened.) We already have a long waiting list of hopeful students.

And, thanks to our crew in Uganda, the building is being painted to look fresh and clean!

Soon the school will look fantastic! We cant wait to see our sign on it.

And, on 8/28/22 the first garment was produced by a village woman (not Batwa) - she made a bright colored dress for her niece. The other ladies are not far behind - we expect a Batwa student to produce a usable item in the next few days.


The long line of hopeful students is a testament to the tremendous need for skills in this area of Uganda. We hope to provide training for the men of the Batwa community soon. Come back to see our plans for the men's school.

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a turner
a turner
01 sept. 2022

What a life-changing opportunity for these people!


Tracy Jordan
Tracy Jordan
31 août 2022

What an amazing change!

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