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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

THANK YOU! To all the women of California who volunteered to sew re-usable feminine pads for the Batwa. Uganda is a very poor nation, the Batwa are the poorest of the poor. With no opportunity to purchase feminine products, they are forced to use leaves to manage their periods. They have no undergarments and are lucky to have one outfit they wear all the time. And, for school age girls this has been one obstacle to education. Amy Must, CEO of Plant Fruit, put out the call for two things... volunteers to sew sanitary pads and a plea for donations to purchase more sewing machines for Kisoro Sewing School. The purchase of more machines will mean women in class won't have to wait for repairs if a machine breaks, but more than that, we can educate more women with a ratio of 2 students per machine. Thank you so much to those who answered the call! The sewing teacher has reported the students are doing well, learning new skills, and working together. Such a fantastic opportunity for girls who had none before. Thank you to our donors who made the School possible!

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