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On Thanksgiving we are grateful for our donors

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

As my family sat ready to eat our Thanksgiving feast, Our President of the Board and I had just returned from Uganda. The trip was multi-faceted, designed to understand further the needs of the Batwa community Plant Fruit is currently engaged in. On the first day of our interaction with the Batwa, we arrived at the School of Practical Arts funded by Plant Fruit donors. There we saw the transformation of lives taking place. The women who have been in school for about 3 months are visibly more vibrant, have pride in their accomplishments, and appear healthier than they did when they enrolled in class. The hot meal provided daily to the students has been a god send, but the opportunity for a future where they are able to make their own income is something they will cling to with every ounce of their strength. The clothing they have been making was strung on clothes lines, and draped across the front wall of the school. The women anxiously awaited our decision as we browsed for items to bring home. In total, we purchased about $400 worth of dresses, jackets, and skirts made by the class. That money will go back into the school fund to purchase more materials for the school. But, soon the items made will be sold to the public and profits will go to the Batwa women.

Out back the men were engaged in the school of carpentry. In just 2 weeks they had already created window frames that were being installed at the school. A door stood ready for installation in the new door frame they had erected. 6 chairs were in various stages of manufacture, and all were made with hand tools. There is no electricity at the school, but they are proving none is needed. Where there is a will - there is a way! Each individual enrolled at our school is changing-


internally and visibly. There is hope, where there previously was none.

As my family sat at our Thanksgiving table, we each gave one reason we were thankful. I said I was thankful for running water, and the ability to bathe, rather than living with the smelliness & sickness that is a result of no bath water. I was thinking of the Batwa, who have diseases, dehydration, and skin issues due to the lack of available clean water. I also am so very thankful for you! without your support, none of the wonderful classes taught at our school would be possible. This holiday season, I hope you will be able to take some time to reflect on your circumstances and be truly thankful. Our sincerest best wishes to you and your family!


Founder, Plant Fruit

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