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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

A Batwa home. 4-6 people crawl in to sleep each night.

In 2019 our founder, Kim and her husband, David went on Safari in Africa. Their first stop was in Uganda to see the Silverback Gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. While there they were told that some of the ticket price supported nearby communities to deter poaching of the gorillas. They were also made aware of the Batwa tribe which had been forcibly removed from their forest home. Their guide casually offered an opportunity to meet a community of Batwa and they decided to visit. During that visit Kim was shocked and appalled by the level of poverty and hopelessness. Their homes were made of trash, their daily food dependent on begging. Through an interpreter, the chief’s wife asked her to bring shoes the next time she visited. Although it was 2 years later that the organization was formed, it was the beginning of Plant Fruit. The poorest in Uganda have no land, no suitable shelter, no food, no education, no clean water and without your help, no hope of changing their desperate situation. Plant Fruit has developed programs designed to create sustainable food production, permanent housing, ongoing water availability, and opportunities for education that lead to income for the community, and children who are able to thrive. Your dollars don’t just feed a child today, but by combining with other donations, create Big Changes that make a difference now and forever. The indigenous communities we focus on are in grave need. Please donate today.

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