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Six young Batwa men (teens) were recently offered the opportunity to learn brickmaking at Plant Fruit School Of Practical Arts. For an entire month they had a teacher who instructed them in the proper techniques of cement and clay brick making. They were also taken to the clay site to see other brick makers and items that could be created from clay. The men worked hard everyday to learn the trade, the basics of brick making, the purpose and proper techniques for making bricks. They practiced to improve their skills and produce a marketable product.

Finally, after 3 weeks of hard work- carrying clay from the front of Plant Fruit School to the back, pounding the clay into the brick molds (made by our carpentry class), and stacking the bricks, it was time to bake the bricks. 10,000 bricks were produced. After firing, some of those bricks were stacked in front of the school FOR SALE!

During the training period, people from the town came to see what was happening. They had people watching every step of the way. Kyanika town is so supportive of this endeavor. The towns people are excited to have bricks made locally. Soon the brick makers will have an income from their labors. The sustainability of this production is just around the corner. WE ARE SO PROUD OF THEM!

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