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Celebrating Two Years of Support

July marks our second anniversary at PLANT FRUIT. We are so thankful for the support of our donors. This month is especially important because we have new successes to celebrate!

The community building at Cyanika is underway! We could not be more excited for the tribe. Young men carried bricks and sand and built a foundation for two homes out of native rock. Brick-layers got to work, with the aid of our teacher, to begin making walls.

On Monday, July 8, 2024 the first two homes were ready for roofing. The homes measure about 200sf and each has an outside kitchen. Made by Batwa men, for the Batwa community! We will be very excited to update this post when the roof is on.

Thank you for your donations that made these homes a possibility, and soon a reality. Nothing gives a human a sense of self-worth, like a job. Nothing gives a person a sense of belonging like a home.

PLANT FRUIT identified 8 tasks with 8 different job descriptions and we have assigned Batwa individuals to each of those jobs. They are receiving training to do those jobs for the development of their community. Some are brick builders, some are brick-layers. Some are carpenters, some will be water and waste managers, some roofers, and so on. Each individual will feel they are an important part of the community, with a skill that is of value. This is life changing. This means a future is not only certain for the Batwa, but it is one with food produced by their farmers, work for all healthy individuals, housing for each member of the tribe, and self-respect for all! Our donors are making this happen!

THANK YOU for two years of support!

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