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Its About Housing - Let's Raise the Roof!

Updated: Apr 16

THE TIME TO CREATE A COMMUNITY IS NOW! When I visited Uganda just a few months ago, I was informed about the eviction process underway, to move the Kisoro Hill Batwa off the land where they are squatting in their trash huts. The government is already processing the required eviction papers. The eviction would potentially cause an end to their tribal lifestyle as each family would be forced to find their own space. This would be a tragedy on so many levels. I met with the Kisoro District Vice Chairman, and while talking with him about the Batwa issues, he graciously

gave the Batwa 2-3 years to move! That put the pressure on to find a housing solution and get their houses made soon. It is time to RAISE THE ROOF for the Batwa.

Help us raise funds for housing the Batwa of Kisoro Hill. If you are able to attend, we would be delighted to see you. It will be a night of fun and fundraising. If unable to attend, we will celebrate your caring gift, in your absence, at the Batwa Bash!

The estimated all-inclusive cost of a two- room home with water catchment and community restrooms with composting toilets, bathing, and hand washing areas is $2,200.

Tickets go on sale today.

Raise The Roof on-line auction begins May 8th.

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