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The Batwa are getting noticed!

Amy Must, President of Plant Fruit, Inc. was recognized in a local magazine for her work with the Batwa. (link above) The publication, Stroll Magazine, did a great job of telling our story and what we are doing with the Kisoro Hill Batwa of Uganda. Above, the initial interaction with the Batwa tribe which touched the heart of the founder and led to the creation of Plant Fruit. Notice the difference in height, the Batwa women came just to Kim's shoulder. Notice the excited faces at receiving a few bags of masa (corn meal). When Kim visited the tribe for the first time, she and her husband gave them food which would feed the entire community. today Plant Fruit works with the Batwa to create sustainable food growth, rather than a charity meal. So many will be fed because Plant Fruit is teaching the Batwa to farm and helping them obtain the farmland.

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